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H42X Mute Check Valve
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Product Presentation:
DRVZ Damping Check Valve is a product developed newly in our company. A streamlined design inside the valve is used for the flow path and a flow guide body. The internal part of the valve is in streamline design,a small fluid resistance,energy-saving,to be closed upon the spring force with itself,able to prevent water hammer,simply structures,reliable performance. Required to be vertically installed(with the body axis vertical).
This valve is mainly used for water supply and drainage, fire protection, hvac system, can be installed in the pump outlet place, to prevent the backflow medium and water hammer pump damage.

Internal parts are streamline design, small flow resistance, energy saving, on its own spring force closed, can prevent the water hammer, simple structure, reliable in performance. This valve should be installed vertically (body axis vertical).
Execution standard:
Face-to-face dimension:GB/T 12221
Flange Dimension:      GB/T 17241.6
Testing:                 GB/T 13927

Performance specification

Nominal preaaure PN16 PN25
Nominal diameter DN50~500mm
Applicable   temperature ≦100°C
Applicable medium Water

Main size:  
Main parts material:

Part name Material
Body Grey cast iron/ductile iron/cast steel
Spring Staninless steel
Guide bush Copper alloy
baffle Grey cast iron/cast steel
Stem Staninless steel
Disc Grey cast iron/ductile iron/cast steel
Sealing ring Rubber

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