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Y style strainer
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The product is mainly installed on all kinds of water supply and drainage pipeline or steam pipeline and gas pipeline. Used to protect the rest of the fitting or valve from debris and damage of impurity in the system.
1, modelling beautiful, body reserve pressure hole.
2, easy to use and fast. According to user requirements to cover the screw on the change into ball valve, ball valve outlet drainage pipe, so that you can not open the cover, sewage with pressure.
3, can according to user requirements to provide different filtration precision of mesh. Filter cleaning easy to change.
4, and fluid channel design scientific and reasonable, flow resistance smaller, more traffic, the total area of the mesh is 3 ~ 4 times the size of nominal diameter.
5, telescopic can make the installation more convenient disassembly.

Performance specification
Nominal pressure 1.0 1.6 2.5 MPa
Shell test pressure 1.5 2.4 3.75
Applicable temperature ≤200 °C
Applicable madium water,steam,gas
Filter aperture Ф0.8-Ф3mm
Part name Material
Body Ductile iron/grey cast iron/copper alloy PN2.5 Cast steel
Filter screen Stainless steel
Bonnet  Ductile iron/grey cast iron/copper alloy PN2.5Cast steel
Sealing ring Silicon/fluorine rubber

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